Cytochem History

Cytochem was founded in 2001 as a Specialty Contract Research Organization (CRO) to provide rapid, standardized and cost-efficient gene/protein expression analysis to the scientific and life sciences industry. Inspired by the sequencing of the human genome and capitalizing on their unique expertise in frozen tissue arrays, the founders of Cytochem wanted to create a platform that would allow easier and affordable access to such technologies and promote the importance of performing detailed gene expression analysis and cell-type identification, in the wake of all the high throughput, data-intensive genomics technologies.

Cytochem operates from its own fully-equipped facilities with additional resources from a carefully selected network of collaborators and suppliers. The company focused initially on academic investigators and then built its reputation within the biopharmaceutical industry for target validation or gene function annotation as an extension of microarray and DNAchip strategies.

In 2009, Cytochem created a new logo to symbolize its dynamic spirit, its commitment to innovation within the life sciences, working in symbiosis with their partners and clients.