Latest News

Latest News

Montreal, May 2010

Cytochem - a Special Sponsor at the Symposium of Genetics and Infectious Diseases

The Symposium was held in Montreal on May 17, 2010 and was organized by McGill University, the McGill University Health Centre with the participation of the Canadian Institute of Heath and the University of British Columbia. It attracted over 250 participants and experts in the field. Cytochem scientists were on site to discus with investigators about gene expression signatures and present its product and service line. For more information, please visit the symposium web-site at

Montreal, December 2009

Cytochem’s technology platform at the McGill University Health Center Research Institute (MUHC-RI)

Cytochem and MUHC-RI have entered into a Master Research Agreement giving The Research Institute customized access to Cytochem’s technology platform in molecular histology on frozen tissues.

Cytochem will collaborate with MUHC-RI investigators and apply its technology and know-how to perform detailed gene/protein expression maps on various projects. This is a unique opportunity for Cytochem to establish a formal relationship with one of the leading research institutions in the world.

For more information please contact Cytochem at

Montreal, October 2009

Cytochem reveals new corporate image and logo

To reflect its growing presence and recognition in its niche market, Cytochem created a new logo and launched a new website. The logo symbolizes the company’s dynamic spirit, its commitment to innovation within the life sciences, working in symbiosis with its partners and clients. Perfect motion and balance!