Core Technologies

Core Technologies

The high throughput, genome-wide “omics” technologies, such DNA chips and microarrays, represent a major technological advancement but they generate impressive amounts of data often difficult to decipher. There is a need therefore to integrate these approaches with more refined and precise tools that provide important clues about gene function and potential therapeutic or diagnostic utility.

Picking up from where the "omic" technologies reach their limit of resolution, Cytochem has developed a platform that performs an in depth gene/protein expression analysis, identifies the exact cellular sites of expression and documents the developmental regulation. At the core of this platform is a suite of methods and tools which include:

Histology on frozen tissue sections that surpass paraffin-
based methods.

Mouse whole-body sections and multiple tissue arrays for a holistic gene expression analysis.

Panels of whole body arrays from ovum to adult™ (O2A™ panels) for a complete spatio-temporal analysis of gene product expression.

All methods and SOPs were expressly optimized to obtain:

Data of the highest quality

Best cellular resolution

Efficient detection of low transcribers

Intact structural features and RNA/protein integrity

Cytochem’s cellular genotyping strategy aims to bring a significant contribution to the discovery and development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to improve human health.