About Us

Experts in holistic gene expression mapping
from whole-bodies to cell types

The assignment of function and clinical utility of novel genes and biomarkers is intimately related to the knowledge of where and when these bio-molecules are expressed. The “where” refers not only to target organs but most importantly to the exact cell types that harbor the active genes. The “when” refers to the regulation of gene expression, a major component of which is the regulation that occurs during growth and development starting right from egg! It’s like writing the complete CV of a gene, with its address and life history!

These crucial pieces of information are quite challenging to acquire and are therefore often inadequately documented, increasing the risk of erroneous decisions. To offer cost and time-effective alternatives, Cytochem developed a series of proprietary tools and services in molecular histology and provides unprecedented support in this area for research and development within the life sciences.

Picking up from where the "omic" technologies reach their limit of resolution, Cytochem delivers in depth gene expression analysis with the identification of the exact cellular sites of expression and their developmental regulation: Our Gene Positioning System™ (GPS) is built upon a suite of methods and tools which include:

Histology on frozen tissue sections that surpass paraffin-
based methods.

Mouse whole-body sections and multiple tissue arrays for a holistic gene expression analysis.

Panels of whole-body arrays from ovum-to-adult™ (O2A™ panels) for a complete spatio-temporal analysis of gene product expression.

Multiple detection methods, including in situ hybridization (ISH), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC).

Validated expertise in microanalysis and data interpretation by certified experts.