Core Technology

Ovum-to-Adult™ Panels

Applying its unique technology, Cytochem developed the first whole-body ontogeny panel from ovum-to-adult™. This has tremendous value since many genes and molecules involved in disease often play a major role during development but become dormant once adulthood is reached. Disease mechanisms are clearly related to the reactivation of ontogenic cellular processes such as proliferation, migration, hypertrophy, apoptosis. Documenting gene expression patterns during development provides therefore valuable clues for gene function annotation and potential clinical utility.

The O2A™ map library includes the following whole-body sections:

Mouse embryo stages:

1. pre-implantation (e1.5)

2. implantation (e4.5, e5.5)

3. post-implantation (e6.5, e7.5)

4. early gestation (e8.5, e9.5)

5. mid-gestation (e10.5, e12.5)

6. late-gestation (e15.5, e18.5).

Mouse newborn and postnatal pups (p1 & p10)

Adult male and female mice