Core Technologies

Whole-Body Sections

To deliver on its promise of performing global and comprehensive gene/protein expression studies, Cytochem developed exclusive panels of mouse whole body sections, which remain unmatched in the market.

Leveraging its know-how in tissue freezing technologies and cryosectioning, Cytochem has optimized this unique technique to systematically reproduce high quality thin cryo-sections of the entire mouse body, maintaining a reliable morphology. Mice are processed and frozen according to Cytochem's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) before being mounted on custom-modified cryostats tuned to rigorous specifications. Sections are laid out on microscope slides with or without the CryoJane® tape transfer system (Instrumedics Inc.), depending on the applications. Whole-body analysis represents a truly holistic strategy starting at the macroscopic scale to zoom-in for fine microscopic details and cellular resolution.

These preparations may be used for in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, drug and metabolite distribution autoradiography and binding assays. Moreover, since this approach produces a high copy number of similar serial whole-body sections it is ideally suited for the co-localization of multiple genes or simultaneous gene transcript/protein mapping.