Gene Positioning System™


The SANTA-10™ panel was specifically designed and developed as a tool for a comprehensive macro and microanalysis of gene expression. The strategically selected tissue arrays enable the exact identification of all expression sites from organs down to specific cell types with a detailed investigation of the developmental regulation starting from the egg. This panel is particularly suited for analysis of single genes or small sets of genes or proteins.

This is a 10-slide, 6-stage panel with the following layout:

Slide 1: Mouse e10.5 and e12.5 (sagittal whole-body step sections, lateral to medial)

Slide 2: Mouse e15.5 (sagittal whole-body step sections, lateral to medial)

Slide 3: Mouse p1 (sagittal whole-body step sections, lateral
to medial)

Slide 4: Mouse p10 (sagittal whole-body section, lateral)

Slide 5: Mouse p10 (sagittal whole-body section, medial)

Slide 6: Adult female mouse (sagittal whole-body section, medial)

Slide 7: Adult male mouse (sagittal whole-body sections, medial)

Slide 8: Adult mouse reproductive organ array:

1. Uterus, control

2. Uterus, gestation day 5.5

3. Uterus, gestation day 7.5

4. Ovary

5. Mammary gland

6. Prostate

7. Epididymis

8. Testis

9. Seminal vesicle

Slide 9: Adult mouse tissue array - General:

10. Brain, sagittal sections

11. Thyroid

12. Pituitary gland

13. Adrenal gland

14. Trigeminal ganglion

15. Ovary

16. Uterus

17. Kidney

18. Testis

19. Thymus

20. Spleen

21. Stomach

22. Duodenum

23. Seminal vesicle

24. Salivary gland

25. Urinary bladder

26. Lung

27. Prostate

28. Adipose tissue

29. Epididymis

30. Liver

31. Gallbladder

Slide 10: Adult mouse brain array (coronal step sections)